A great collection of recordings, covering a broad spectrum of percussion styles and instrumental groupings.

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FREE CD's, Special offer: order any sheet music titles by Thomas Marceau or Robert E. Kreutz and receive a complimentary CD of their compositions.

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PAS Italy 2017

The 15th annual Italy Percussion Competition and Festival will be held in September (2017) in Montesilvano-Pescara (Italy). The festival features an international panel of judges and performers and will host students from around the globe.

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NOW AVAILABLE Robert S. Cohen's new title for Vibraphone and Marimba Duo: Happy Fugue'N Birthday
Also available, for percussion ensemble: Love Triangles for Percussion Trio.

Percussion Recordings

Hand to Hand: A Collection of Rhythmic Works for Hand Percussion  
Hand to Hand: A Collection of Rhythmic Works for Hand Percussion


Concerto for Darabukka and Percussion Quartet/A. Di Sanza    Sound samples: 1  2  3

Udu Dances/R. Damm    Sound samples:  mv't. 1    mv't. 2    mv't. 3

Quatrinity/B. M. Williams    Sound sample

Prelude & Episode/K. Shorley    Sound samples: 1  2

Tiriba Kan/B. M. Williams    Sound sample

Hand Jam/J. Smales    Sound sample

You're Makin' Me Dizzy/R. Holly    Sound Sample

Ritmos de Congas/R. Damm    Sound sample

Beat Ballet/R. K. LeVan    Sound samples:  1  2  3

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Insansa Christmas
Bruce Henczel
  Insansa Christmas:
A Christmas Fantasy -
Inspired by the Rhythms and Music of Our World

An appealing collection of classic Christmas tunes arranged for marimba and varied percussion accompaniment.

Cascabeles (Jingle Bells)    Sound sample

We Three Kings    Sound sample

Oh Holy Night    Sound sample

Away in a Manger/Silent Night    Sound sample

The Little Drummer Boy    Sound sample

O Come All Ye Faithful    Sound sample

The First Noel    Sound sample

What Child Is This    Sound sound
O Come, O Come Emmanuel    Sound sample

We Wish You A Merry Christmas   Sound sample

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Tympanum Ubïquitäs  
Tympanum Ubïquitäs:
A Collection of Works for Snare Drum


Portraits of a Waltz/R. McCormick    Sound samples:  1    2    3

The Whimsical Nature of Small Particle Physics/B. Wahlund    Sound sample

Interlock for Two Snare Drums/R. K. LeVan    Sound sample

Symphonic Dance for Snare Drum/J. Campbell    Sound samples:  1    2    3

Rodeo/R. Constable    Sound sample

Stuart's System for Success/J. R. Beck    Sound sample

". . . excerpts from Performance Studies for Two"
Sound samples:
        Momentum/M. J. Elster
        Rondo/R. K. LeVan
        Motet/D. C. Adams
        Dirge/K. A. Aleo

Downfall/J. R. Beck    Sound sample

" . . . excerpts from Suite No. 1 for Snare Drum Duo" - M. J. Elster
Sound samples:
        III Copycats
        IV Synergy

Excerpt Etude for Snare Drum/M. Beck    Sound sample

Pegasus/B. Wahlund    Sound sample

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Premiers Plus One, The McCormick Duo
McCormick Duo
  Premiers Plus One

Flute and Percussion


[CD RM01/HoneyRock]
Variations On A Cadenza/A. Woodbury    Sound sample

Silent Opera Number 6/H.K. Jones    Sound sample

This Is No Sonata/R. Constable    Sound sample 

Duettino Concertante/I. Dahl

Second Thoughts/R. Helps

Wave Train/H. Buss

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Sticks, Winds & Strings - Igor Lesnik
Igor Lesnik 
  Sticks & Winds & Strings:
Works for Solo Percussion with Various Ensembles


[CD IL01/HoneyRock]
A collection of major works for the percussion soloist - herein masterfully performed
by Igor Lesnik.  

Zildjian Concerto For Percussion and Concert Band/M. Tarbuk; 
Sound samples:  1  2  3  4   

Jeux des Cloches For Marimba and String Quartet/S. Horvat;
Sound samples:  1  2  3   

Notturno For Guitar Trio and Percussion/M. Ruzdjak;
Sound samples:  1  2  3    
Concertino For Marimba and Tambouritza Orchestra/B. Benini.
Sound samples:  1  2  3

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Mindscape, Akemi Naito
Akemi Naito


[CD Bridge 9204]
Memory of the Woods/W. Moersch, marimba    Sound sample

Voyage    Sound samples: 1  2  3
  T.H. O'connor, flute
  R. O'Neill, viola
  J. Han, harp

Sanctuary/C. Jacomacci, accordian

Mindscape/Cygnus Ens.    Sound samples: 1  2  3  4

Months/J. Ueda, Satsuma biwa    Sound samples: 1  2

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Kaleidoscope, Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra  
Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra


[CD - MMC2179]
Kaleidoscope: Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra
/G. Bradley Bodine
Pedro Carneiro - Marimba
(Seattle Symphony Orchestra - Gerard Schwarz, conductor)

Freedom Dreams/William Thomas McKinley

Blues for New Orleans: Concerto for Clarinet and Piano/Roger Rudenstein
Paul Dykstra - Piano
Richard Stoltzman - Clarinet
(Slovak Symphony Orchestra -Kirk Trevor, conductor)

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The Solo Percussionist, William L. Cahn
William L. Cahn
Solo Percussionist (The)


[CD 10339/NEXUS]

A collection of music for percussion, in various instrumental combinations, composed by William L. Cahn of NEXUS.  Many of the titles included on this CD are now considered part of the "standard repertoire" for students and professionals alike, and are widely performed in educational and performance venues.  Includes inspirational performances by Patricia Dash, Robin Engelman, Ruth Cahn, Michael Udow, et al.

Partita for Solo Percussion
Sound Samples:
I. Boureé
II. Sarabande
III. Gigue

Score Samples:
The Recital Piece

 ". . . wo'n't you join the dance?"

Nara for Solo Percussion

In Ancient Temple Gardens

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Night of Moon Dances, Eckhard Kopetzki  
Night of Moon Dances
Eckhard Kopetzki - VARIOUS ARTISTS


[CD - CCD 428/Cavalli Records]
Wooden Delight    Sound Sample

Canned Heat    Sound Sample

Night of Moon Dances - for Marimba Solo and 4 Percussionists
Sound Samples:  1  2

Mixed Music    Sound Sample

Three Movements for a Solo Dancer
Sound Samples:  1  2  3

Drumming Rites    Sound Sample

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Kaleidoscope, German Marimba Duo

Matthias Krohn and Andreas Schwarz

(German Marimba Duo)

$15.00 [CD - cm10103/Codamusic]
Orbis Magicus/M. Krohn    Sound sample

Popsong for Two Marimbas/A. Schwarz    Sound sample

Three Matters of Importance/M. Krohn    Sound samples:  1  2  3

Montana/M. Krohn    Sound sample

Electrified/ M. Krohn    Sound sample

Kaleidoscope Eyes/A. Schwarz    Sound sample

Querkopf/M. Krohn    Sound sample

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About Time, Brett E.E. Paschal
Brett E.E. Paschal


Rosebush/B. Paschal    Sound sample

Children's Song # 1/C. Corea

Crash/T. Longshore

Crystal Silence/C. Corea

Bushido: The Way of the Warrior/J. Willmarth
Movement II & III

Ach Wie Fluchtig, Ach Wei Nightig/J. S. Bach    Sound sample

Five Pipes, Wooden Sphere/S. Bergstrom

Thoughts On Rain/B. Paschal    Sound sample

TUSK/D. Jarvis    Sound samples:  1  2

KING E2W/B. Paschal - C. Neal III    Sound sample

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Pictures at an Exhibition, German Marimnba Duo
  Pictures at an Exhibition (M. Mussorgsky)

Matthias Krohn and Andreas Schwarz

(German Marimba Duo)

$15.00 [CD - cm10108/Codamusic]
(16 tracks)

Promenade 1    Sound sample

Promenade 2    Sound sample

The Market Square    Sound sample

The Great Gate of Kiev    Sound sample

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