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Marimba Music
of Thomas Marceau

Order any Marimba titles by Thomas Marceau and receive a free copy of his
CD - Moments: Works for Solo Marimba.

Moments: Works for Solo Marimba

PAS Italy - 2019

PAS Italy

The 17th annual Italy Percussion Competition and Festival will be held in September (2019) in Montesilvano-Pescara (Italy).
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African Drumming and Percussion, Traditional Dance Rhythms of Ghana
African Bells and Shakers


Marimba Music
of Robert E. Kreutz

Western Sketches,The Marimba Music of Robert E. Kreutz
Order any title by Robert E. Kreutz and receive a free CD of his music, recorded by Brett Jones, Kathleen Kastner, et al.

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FREE CD's, Special offer: order any sheet music titles by Thomas Marceau or Robert E. Kreutz and receive a complimentary CD of their compositions.

Forthcoming Events:

PAS Italy 2019

The 17th annual Italy Percussion Competition and Festival will be held in September (2019) in Montesilvano-Pescara (Italy). The festival features an international panel of judges and performers and will host students from around the globe.

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The Alabaster Vase
1st place Winner
- 2015 PAS ITALY Composition Contest.
Challenging Multi-Percussion Duet.

The Final Round for Solo Snare Drum
2nd place Winner
- 2015 PAS ITALY Composition Contest.
Recital showcase for Solo Snare Drum.

Triplets: Xylophone Solo with Percussion Ensemble

A unique re-working of an old favorite. Coupled with marimba and drum set, the parts for glockenspiel and vibraphone add a new texture to this well-known xylophone solo.


Freeflight for Vibraphone and two Marimbas

A lively Jazz/Rock mallet trio with a Calypso-type rhythmic feel (ca. 6’).
Instrumentation: Vibraphone, Marimba 1 & Marimba 2 (both marimbas,
4 1/3- octave).



Happy Fugue'N Birthday for Vibraphone and Marimba Duet, Robert S. Cohen
Challenging duet for Vibraphone and Marimba, based on a familiar tune . . . sort of!

Concerto for Doumbek and Soundscape, Evan Gottschalk
Solo showcase for Hand Drums - one-player, multiple doumbeks!

Highway Soundscapes for Percussion Quartet
1st Place Winner
PAS ITALY Composition Contest
- 2012
Challenging Percussion Quartet full of Intricate rhythmic figures and subtle dynamic nuances.

LATIN LOOKS for Marimba Duet, Percussion and Bass
Scored for two Marimbas, Percussion and Bass, LATIN LOOKS is an up-tempo rhythm-driven quartet.


Ragtime Xylophone Vol.1

A collection of six easy Ragtime Xylophone solos (1897-1909). With Marimba and/or Piano Accompaniments. This collection gives younger players as well as more experienced players a variety of enjoyable practice and performance options.


LOG CABIN BLUES, Xylophone Solo with Concert Band

Xylophone feature with Concert Band - perennial ragtime favorite!
Accessible Band parts - enjoyable to play
and audience friendly as well.





    . . . THERE is a uniquely diverse collection of Percussion Music contained in the pages of this website - pieces in just about any combination of Percussion Instruments you could imagine or want!  After 25 years, we like it that way, we value every contribution from an outstanding cadre of composers who hail from the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America.  Certainly a unity - great percussion music - within a diversity of compositional styles and techniques.  There are solos, ensembles, methods and collections appropriate for less-experienced students as well as pieces that will challenge the most accomplished performers.  We hope you will take the time to peruse our offerings! 

WE want to acknowledge the thousands of performers who have made the titles in our catalog come alive in performance venues across the globe - Thank You for choosing our Composers, our Percussion Music!

THE site can be searched in a variety of ways: click on the COMPOSERS link and you can see the works associated with each composer, or peruse the listings, in alphabetical order, under each category, e.g.: SOLOS, Snare Drum, DUETS, Snare Drum.

    . . . HoneyRock


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